Baby Girl is 5 Months

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Baby Girl is 4 Months!

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It is Better to Give than Receive

Recently our church collected shoe boxes filled full with little gifts and goodies to bless children in Mexico. Ryan and I felt this was a good opportunity to teach our kids about giving. To get the kids fully involved in putting together a box, we encouraged them to each shop for a child their own age (of course, we had to give Lilyana a little help).  We took our eager shoppers out in the evening to purchase items with which to fill their boxes.  Many of these “items” are essentials, the kinds of things we take for granted in our daily lives; toothbrushes, toothpaste, a comb, gum and little toy trinkets that we causally toss in an overloaded toy box at the end of each day. We explained to Zaiden and Kiera that some children’s families are too poor to buy some of these things.  So, outside the store, we took a moment to pray with the kids asking that God might grant us loving and giving hearts while shopping.  We reminded the kids to try not think about what they want or “need” but instead what these children may enjoy and need.  Our family is SO blessed and what a blessing this opportunity turned out to be as it helped us to slow down and reflect on that truth.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to minster to my kids and look forward to many more.

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Baby girl is 3 months!

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“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” Psalm 107:1

So thankful that we are a family that loves God, he has done an amazing work in our family and am excited for our relationship with our Heavenly Father to continue to grow.

Thankful for my wonderful family and husband…I feel truly blessed.

Thankful for our newest blessing, Lilyana, she has brought such joy to our family.

Our Tribe…SO thankful for all my beautiful children!

We are all thankful for our loving Gramma.

Thankful for family that lives close by and who hosted a memorable and fun Thanksgiving, thanks Aunite Shannon and Uncle Eugene.

Thankful for my dad, sister, brother, niece and nephew in Montana…I love them ALL so much.

Thankful for my Mom’s family in Oklahoma and Kansas that has helped fill the void left with her passing by loving on all of us.

Thankful for our church, Calvary Chapel Saving Grace!  We feel so blessed by the community that has developed over the last couple years and the wonderful friendship that have formed from it.

The list could go on and on but these are a few that come to mind right away and often.

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving,

The Lewis Family

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Baby girl is 2 months old!

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Arboretum Field Trip

We met up with our friends for a little field trip to the Arboretum at Cal State Fullerton.  We were all excited to visit the pumpkin patch and do a little sensory exploration by getting our hands good and dirty from pumpkin dissection.  Well there was no pumpkin patch due to budget cuts :( and nobody was about to put their hands in the few rotting pumpkins that were laying around….ewww!   However never fear because all you have to do is add some straw bales, a huge gated in garden area with winding paths and give a group of kids free reign and there is plenty of fun to be had.  It ended up being a great day, thanks friends!

Fun, friends & family

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Slumber Party

Slumber parties are back…YAY!

I’m not sure who had more fun, me or the girls…but fun was had by all.  I got to enjoy my first little glimpse of slumber parties with my girl and her best friend Kyla.  There were lots of smiles and laughs as the girls had their hair, nails and toes done.  So blessed to have a little girl to do girly things with.





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Happy 2012!

New Year’s Eve

We headed out to our friends for an evening of games, coffee, sparkling cider, snacks, beauty parlor, movies and lots of laughs. We have been blessed by great friends from our church this year and love being a part of the body.

Our Resolution

To have our lives centered on the Cross!

We only need one! If we commit our lives to being centered on the cross then everything and I mean EVERYTHING else will naturally fall in line.


I sure love this man!


With my love.


Fast new friends, Kiera and Jada.


Girls just want to have fun!


My sleepy guy on the way home.

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The Holiday’s 2011

The Christmas Card

Twas two days after Christmas when my loving hubby had enough time to design our Christmas card…so here it is for your viewing pleasure only.  It turned out awesome and I didn’t have the heart to send them out to just be tossed in the trash since that is where cards after the holiday usually end up.  Don’t worry you might see one very similar to this (exact) one next year in your mailboxes. :)

Decorating Time


Caroling for a King

The kids had their Christmas program at church and the theme was Caroling for a King.  The preschoolers did Winter Snow and were dressed to look like snowflakes.  Zaiden took to the stage like a champ and even did all his little moves (even though he fought me the entire month of practice).  My darling Kiera got a little overwhelmed and seemed to have a bit of stage fright, but she looked precious and perfect nonetheless.  It was simply adorable and the pictures do not do it justice, but hopefully between the pictures and video you get a sense for how the evening shaped up.



Christmas Morning

This was finally the year…finally the year my kids enjoyed Christmas morning or enjoyed it like I’ve been looking forward to and expecting all these years.  Over the past couple years my famous line has been, “oh next year they (kids) will enjoy it (Christmas morning, stockings, opening presents etc.).”  The morning started with an early visit by Gramma so she could join in all the fun festivities.  We began by reading from the bible about Jesus’s birthday and a hot chocolate toast.  Then we let the patiently waiting kids dig in!  They both tore threw their stockings in record time.  It was a little stressful trying to manage your own stocking, watch the kids and answer all their questions.  Then we quickly moved onto presents and here is where things went at two different speeds.  Kiera was lightning fast at finding all her presents with the letter K and proceeding to rip them open as fast as possible to get on to the next one.  Z was much slower and methodically about opening his presents.  He carefully examined each gift with genuine curiosity and was eager to play with all of his new treasures.  From gifts we moved onto an awesome family breakfast of homemade waffles with your choice of toppings…yum!


A Gift from the Heart

The kids school had a little gift shop so they could all go buy a present for their parents for $.25 (what a bargain..right).  If you have ever seen my kitchen I like things to mix and match nicely, all my plates, glasses and coffee cups do that…well did!  My sweet son went to the gift shop and picked out a clear coffee cup with the Golden Nugget written on it in gold glittery letters.  It’s tacky, a tacky treasure you pick up on your way out of Vegas for someone your forgot to get a souvenir for. Z explained to Ryan that he picked this coffee cup up for him because mommy has lots of coffee cups and daddy has none and now he has one.  He also added that mommy can’t use daddy’s coffee cup.  That people is what giving is all about…giving from the heart.  I learned a valuable lesson this year from my sweet son’s heart.  I love this tacky coffee cup and hope it stays in my cupboard forever!


Celebrating our Savior’s Birthday

What a special day, that the day we get to celebrate Jesus’s birthday on Christmas and it fell on Sunday this year.  We left the house a disaster to head off to church to hear an awesome message from the Hands of the Potter.  It was a powerful message that shows the planpower and purpose of Christ, using jars of clay to illustrate His truths.  It is a must see!

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